Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Heathers first day of kindergarten. She was so excited to go on the bus with her brothers. The only thing she was worried about was missing the bus.

She looked sooooo stinkin cute, and soooooo freekin big. How did she go from baby to big girl? I am so proud of her. I love you Heather!!
("HI!") says Heather.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Where or where could my little one have gone???

Samantha is my little escape artist!! I literally have had to put a lock on my front and garage doors that can only be opened with a key. But that still only keeps her in when it's locked. Today we were getting ready to leave to go to the girls tumbling class, she was in the car and Heather was trying to find her shoes. I went in for a minute, came out and was ready to leave when Heather said "Mom, where is Samantha?" I was sooooo mad. I have talked with her a trillion times about stranger danger and the buddy system and how it totally freaks me out when she runs off, but Samantha marches to the tune of her own drum. I yelled for her, ran back in side an called for her (which some of you know, sometimes she wont even answer. which is also scary because you have no idea if she is home or not... and time is of the essence!) I drove all around the neighborhood. I came back home not able to find her and saw her walking up the street sad because she thought I left her. HOLY COW!!! So today I got on the Internet and bought a tracking system that goes on the back of her pants (so she cant take it off ). It's suppose to tell me when she is out of range (better know as when she is running off!!) I can't even tell you how frustrating it is. I am so worried for her safety and I am doing all I know how, but I still keep loosing her. I just know she has angels working over time. They all have to take shifts because it is such a full time job keeping her safe!!! I am just grateful for a Heavenly Father that is mindful of her needs as well as mine. And I pray that even when she does get away she will ALWAYS be found.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Being able to see Heathers little Arayla be born was truly an answer to my prayers. Sometimes we don't even realize that God is listening to us, when all the sudden the desire we haven't even taken to the lord purely because we think it impossible, the lord makes it possible.

For me, it was my desire to be there for my sister that he heard. For many months I had an ache to be there with her at the hospital when she delivered. Thinking that this was impossible I would quickly push away my feelings for fear I would hurt to much if I hoped and it didn't come true. The day that Heathers watter broke Mom called me and told me what happened. She said she was taking the first flight out to be with her. I told her to call me when she got there and hung up.After hanging up I had a strong feeling "Go with her." I couldn't believe that God was telling me to go with my mother. How? Seems to always follow when God tells us to do something we see as impossible. Having faith I went to work.
It was truly a miracle! in a matter of an hour I was able to buy a ticket that "happened" to be the last seat available. Find people to help out when done was working which "happened" to be a week that was really light with only a couple of shifts. Which as you all know is not usually the case. So I hopped on the plane with my Mom and I was able to be with my sister who has always been one of the most important people in my life. My prayers were answered. I feel so much love from my Heavenly Father. I also learned a very important lesson. God wants us to talk to him about everything! From now on I will not decide to pray for only what I think God will think of as important but I go to him for everything.
I love you Heather. Thank you for letting me be with you for such an amazing moment in your life, and thank you for being my sister.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Okl, I just bought a really nice camera and I am sooooooo excited. I can take good pictures like I have always wanted. So I am going a little crazy with it. I have taken pictures of Toby before but they just didn't capture his cuteness (is that a word? lol)

He has such a cute face. We gave him a bath yesterday and put a cute cars bandanna on him. We tried the cute boy dog bow in the hair once and he totally freaked out! It was really funny to see but he wont leave them in. Oh well, Don says I am going to give him a complex if i keep it up. lol so I did.
The kids love having a Dog. When we were in California at the end of the trip the kids said they couldn't wait to get home to see Toby. We all love him and are glad that we have him in our family.
Today was a really fun day! It started out with the girls going to jump'in jacks. And playing on those big blow up play grounds. And jumping and sliding to there harts content. Sammie was so worn out that it took her about two seconds maybe three to conk out in the car.

I love how they come up with there poses. They are the best!

Sammie was on the back of this dinosaur and the wind was blowing her hair and it looked like she was a model with a wind machine to blow her hair. It was so funny.

After a couple of hours of jumping they had a graduation ceremony. They talked to us about what they learned this year and they gave all the kids a graduation ring, cap and a year book. They went all out.

These are there teachers Mrs. Brittany and Mrs. Anno. They love there teachers so much. There really amazing people. I am glad that we will be with them for another year. Heather moves on to kindergarten but Sammie will go back next year. I can't believe how fast time flies by. Congratulations Heather and Sammie!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Ok, I think this is really funny! I gave Toby a bath and he hates baths. He tries to get away any second he thinks he can. He is getting better but I don't think he will ever really love them. It is so funny when he gets wet. he is half his size and he looks so different than he does when he is dry.

I took a few pictures of him after the fact. He hates being wet and he shakes like he is scared to death. He isn't but that is what it looks like. Don says he looks like a drown rat. LOL he kind of does.

Something happens when I turn on the blow drier though, He turns into a crazed lunatic. The first little wile he hides his head, but soon he starts freaking out biting at the air. It is hard to brush him when he gets like that but it is really funny. It drives him nuts to get blown in the face but I have to to dry him off. I probably would do it anyway even if I didn't have to because it is just to funny. My last dog Candy was so mean she would bite me when I would give her a bath. So it is really nice to have a sweet dog who has never bitten or growled at anyone ever! I love my sweet little Toby!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Ok, this is a tribute to Jace! For those who don't know him what you see is what you get. He is a clown. You rarely get a picture of him without him pulling some face or doing something funny. If I want a serious picture I have to ask him to just smile please!! But he will only accommodate me sometimes. So I take it knowing he is going to laugh at himself someday. And no matter what, I love the picture. I love his fun loving nature.

Jace loves movies, Baukugauns (a small ball toy that opens up when the magnate on the bottom comes in contact with metal. They come from a game but all the kids his age just collect them and trade) He loves to cuddle with me and loooooves to be tucked in by mom at night. He wont go to sleep otherwise. He had his two front teeth pulled out 3 years ago and is finally getting the back. He is excited because now he can eat hambergers with the pickle in it. His favorite collor is red and he loves body parts. We think he will be a doctor someday if he can get over getting grossed out over blood. Which is funny because drawing pictures of gory things is his favorite thing to do. But if he watches the medical chanel with Zachary he will cover his eyes.

Jace loves to read and learn. He is so good at being a big brother and even a little one. We were riding in the car once and Zak fell asleep Jace put his hand under his head and held it up so he would be comfortable. Sooooooo cute! It's one of those moments that you just love being a parent. He loves playing with the girls and it is fun to see what they come up with. The girls play barbie and Jace will play with his action figures and they mix girl play with boy play. The barbies get shot and the action figures help fix the barbies. It's really intertaining. Jace will be 7 on April 9th and has told me for a year every night what he is getting for his birthday. I just love his emagination. Jace loooooooves motorcycles and cool cars. He is the first to notice them and says "someday I will have one mom!!" I don't doubt that he will. Last summer we were driving down the road with our windows down and a motorcycle was parked next to it. He was so excited and started talking to the guy next to us and telling him that he loved his bike. The light turned green and he was off Jace said with a kind of admaration that was so supprising to me "Mom I just love that sound" I am so greatful to be his Mom. I love you Jace!!

Aunt Heather and little Heather after her recital.

Heather dancing to it's a marshmellow world.

Heather was sooooo brave. She is a bit shy and I was wondering if she would dance or not, but she was awsome!! She did the whole thing perfect!! She was so proud of herself.

Heather may be a little shy but put her in front of a camera with her sister or alone and you will get the most amazing poses!!

I can't wait to see there next costumes and watch them dance again. I don't remember having more fun!

Samantha dancing suzie snow flake.

Samantha danced basically all by her self. She was by far the most excited to be the center of attention. like zak, she will half listen and get it all. In class she looses herself in the mirror so I wondered how much she was listening to. But apparently she was getting it ALL.

You can kindof see on the side that the other girls were watching her dance. She stole the show!!

Kids will be kids

Kids will be kids
Jace and zak got a hold of the camera and went crazy pretending to be ninjas. lol

Look at my nose!

Look at my nose!
The kids laughed a ton wile taking these pictures. Kids will always find a way to make you laugh!!

Our little baby girl!

Our little baby girl!
I first saw mango about 6 months ago. When I saw here I just new she would make a fun addition to our family. She loves to squawk loudly if she is feeling ignored. The kids love to rub her and try to get her to talk. She dosen't talk but she will scream just like our girls, wich is really funny.

she loves to kiss!!!

Aren't they all sooooooo cute! Where is Sammie?

Oh, there she is!!!